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Nice to see you here!

Congratulations! You just found my old website that I was originally going to use for college applications, but didn't because I am quite lazy. I still make music, but I am now posting on my youtube channel called Chefnup/FizxOTB. 

About Me.

Born in Manhattan, I have been living in SoCal for almost all of my life. I'm a student at Maranatha High School, dedicated to learning all things science and math (with a side hustle of Latin and the humanities). I enjoy researching, problem-solving, and practical jokes. I believe a widespread understanding of science is critical to making the world a better place, and I eventually hope to use my platform to spread knowledge about things typically viewed as "too advanced" or "nerdy" to a wider audience.


Music Creation

(click on "Music" at the top to give it a listen!)

A complete amateur, but a producer nonetheless. I mainly focus on modern hip-hop or trap (because it requires the least musical knowledge), and I am looking to improve so that this becomes a more serious hobby. 


(Competitions+Nationally Ranked)

I have been shooting recurve bows since 5th grade, and I am a dedicated archer at Joy Lee Archery Academy. I am nationally ranked, and often spend many hours a week practicing. 


(entirely extracurricular, except for when it isn't)

I mainly engage in STEM research, but I am open to looking deeper into questions about philosophy, anthropology, and other subjects in the humanities. 

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